2023 ARES Training Schedule

JAN 211Table-Top ExerciseICS 217A Communications Resource Availability Worksheet development. Creating our list of 99 channels to put in memory for all contingencies
APR 222TestDirection Finding #1 – Learn direction finding and team communications when locating a transmitter at a known reference point
JUN 24-252Field Training ExerciseARRL Field Day – Annual emergency communications preparedness exercise
JUL 63TestDirection Finding #2 – Hone direction finding and team communications skills when locating a transmitter at an unknown location
OCT 74Field Training ExerciseKC Metro Simulated Emergency Test – Locating lost person in unknown location and has intermittent ability to transmit
Nov 114Pubic Service EventLeavenworth County Veterans Day Parade – Communications support

This is our ARES® training plan for 2023. It is not all inclusive of KCHEART, JARA, PKARC, and LvCo OEM events and training opportunities. There may need to be some flexibility in dates, but the order is important. The training builds on itself as we prepare for SET 2023. There may be PKARC build sessions that contribute to our ability to meet our challenges.