2023 Training Program

The complete KCHEART Radio Operator online training program is provided below. To complete the training, click the link for each video. After you’ve watched the video, click the “Test” link to the right of each video link to take a quick, 10-question multiple-choice online test. You’ll see your results right away. Although the tests are scored automatically, there is currently no pass/fail criteria. The real test is how ready are you to take a position in any KCHEART-affiliated facility and contribute as a Radio Amateur. Results are being monitored by AEC Roxann Kosmicki, KZØIMO. Contact Roxann if you have any questions or observations.

Operational Overview (42:23)

01 Overview[Overview Test]
02A Operational Overview Part 1[Operational Overview Part 1 Test]
02B Operational Overview Part 2[Operational Overview Part 2 Test]
02C Operational Overview Part 3[Operational Overview Part 3 Test]

UHF/VHF Radio (29:01)

03 UHF/VHF Capabilities[UHF/VHF Capabilities Test]
04 8800/8900 Operations[8800/8900 Operations Test]
05 8800/8900 Menu Functions[8800/8900 Menu Functions Test]

Data Operations (37:08)

06 Data Operations Overview[Data Operations Overview Test]
07 Data Operations Digital Modes[Data Operations Digital Modes Test]
08A Data OPS Messaging Part 1*[Data OPS Messaging Part 1 Test]
08B Data OPS Messaging Part 2*[Data OPS Messaging Part 2 Test]

HR Radio and Radio Kits (25:00)

09 FT 897 HF Radio Overview[FT 897 HF Radio Overview Test]
10 Radio Kit Deployment[Radio Kit Deployment Test]