Net Control Manager

Net Control Manager (NCS) is an online net logging utility grown in our own back yard by Keith Kaiser – WA0TJT. It is easy to use and provides a huge boost in net management and logging. The best browser for this purpose is Chrome. Others may have some performance issues. The web site is:

Only one (1) net member should be making changes to the log during the net. Everyone in net may view the log. There is a viewer setting to make the log update automatically. Here are the log-starting variables to use for net-to-net consistency and ease in finding net reports by the Emergency Coordinator (EC):

Thursday ARES nets:
Group or Call: KS-LV-ARES
Kind of Net: Weekly ARES Voice Net
Frequency: 147.00 + 151.4 Hz FM
Subnet: none

Sunday ARES Information and Training nets:
Group or Call: KS-LV-ARES
Kind of Net: Weekly ARES Training Net
Frequency: 145.33 – 151.4 Hz FM
Subnet: none

Tips for good logging:
– Start the log about 5 minutes before net time.
– Enter callsigns carefully to ensure accurate logging for order of check-in and time on net
– Close the log promptly after the NCS declares the net closed
– Practice during non-net time with a test log clearly marked as a practice log