American Red Cross

American Red Cross radio amateur radio volunteers are very active in the ARCSOUTHWEST region that includes Kansas. However, we do not have a field office in Leavenworth, so we do not have a local Served Agency with whom we can train. ARES members are highly encouraged to participate in ARC Emcomm Drills and exercises to become more proficient in Red Cross specific traffic handling (via Winlink Express). If we are ever called to support communications from a Red Cross shelter, we will be better enabled to provide the needed service. Those skills translate to other served agencies as well, such as local hospitals, Salvation Army, and NGOs needing wider-area communications support in the event of a large disaster.

Here are some important links:
– To get signed up for ARC EmComm information:
– To find mapped results of current exercise:
– To find mapped result of Apr 8 exercise:
– To download Winlink Express: (You do NOT need to buy a license.)
– To download VARA FM and VARA HF: ( You do NOT need to buy a license.)
– ARC EmComm Resource Files: Google Docs Area