2023 Team Assignments

Teams as assigned in the matrix below are primary operators. If you are a member of Leavenworth KCHEART and want to participate in hospital station operation either during the monthly test net or at other times, please contact Roxann, KZØIMO for training and team assignment.

Team #Team Members
1Steve Rice, WØSER*
Vic Henke, KEØSYO
Randy Brooks, KØAWW*
2Max Pfrimmer, KØMDP*
Ed Menard, KD7QOR*
Brian Resch, NBØR
3Roxann Kosmicki, KZØIMO*
Keith Collier, KFØKBC*
Ed Robarge, WØLYQ
4Dick Quinlan, KAØDJR*
Guy Younger, KFØKOS
Rob McWilliams, KFØROB
FillerRick Reichert, NJØP*