ARES® Task Book

Note Your Successful Training Completions in the ARES Emergency Communicator Individual Task Book

Published by ARRL, the ARES Emergency Communicator Individual Task Book is a working document that enables those ARES communicators in the ARRL-approved training plan to track and document their training plan elements as they are completed towards the various levels of increasing proficiency. The Task Book should contain all training plan items, completion dates and sign-offs as the ARES communicator transitions through the three skill levels. The communicator is responsible for maintaining his/her Task Book and having it with him/her during training and assignments. The Task Book also contains sections with definitions of the communicator levels, as well as common responsibilities.

Since the Task Book is personal to each ARES Communicator, each user should feel free to adapt it to their needs and requirements of their geographical region.

Recommendations of minimum proficiencies and skills per level are listed. ECs, at their discretion, can add or substitute skills that they consider important. Prior known experience may be substituted for some listed tasks. It is suggested that items in the proficiency/skills section be used in training sessions or for meetings/events presentations. [See, for example, the story above on the Duval County (Jacksonville), Florida Winter Field Day – Ed.]

The approving EC should meet/exceed the qualifications for each level they are signing off on. At the end of this Task Book is a change log page that communicators should use to keep track of changes to the Task Book.

Skill Levels:
Level 1 – Entry level into ARES, includes skills learned when obtaining an Amateur Radio license;
Level 2 – Set of Skills desired by ARES obtained through coursework and training;
Level 3 – Increased skill set that initiates a pathway to leadership positions and assignments.

Responsibilities: Individual —
Review and understand Task Book requirements;
Identify desired objectives/goals;
Satisfactorily demonstrate completion of tasks for each level;
Assure the evaluations are completed;
Maintain and keep the Task Book up to date;
Make Task Book available during assignments;
Submit completed Task Book to Section Management

Evaluator —
Be knowledgeable and proficient in the tasks being evaluated and approved;
Meet with Communicator and evaluate past experience;
Current qualifications and desired objectives/goals;
Review tasks with Communicator;
Document completion of tasks with Task Book sign-offs;
Complete the sign-off, comments and qualifying Section.

Download the ARES Emergency Communicator Task Book. There are two forms: fillable, and a Word document.

From the ARES® Letter, Feb 17, 2021


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