ARRL Message Handling

For the March 3, 2024 Practical Exercise

  1. NCS or Trainer (TNG) will list 1 routing message for all net members.
  2. If you don’t have a blank Radiogram form, print a blank Radiogram form.
  3. When stations indicate they are ready to copy, NCS or TNG will pass the Radiogram or play a recording of the traffic.
  4. Each station should attempt to copy the message down on the blank Radiogram form.
  5. Each station in NCM roster order should “Roger Message Number 2” or ask for fills.
  6. To look up Handling Instruction “G”, see Handling Instructions.
  7. To look up the ARL Number, see ARL Numbered Radiograms. ARL numbers are shorthand for lengthier messages.
Sample ARRL Radiogram for the March 3, 20-24 Training & Information Net