Duties of the Net Control Station (NCS) are numerous and weighty. The role of NCS is vital if nets are to remain a valuable forum for volunteer members to prioritize their time and attend. NCS serves as an exemplary operator that encourages and coaches others to take on the role. Although we have standing NCS assignments, all ARES members are encouraged to occasionally act as NCS to both gain experience and to complete Task Book tasks for advancement. NCS is one of the most fulfilling roles in radio. We hope our nets are offer an affirming environment so everyone is willing to go beyond their comfort zone to try being NCS.

ARES Nets are under the auspices of the Emergency Coordinator or their designated Assistant Emergency Coordinator. Nets are used to further training objectives and disseminate important information to prepare members for events, drills, exercises, and real-world incidents.

NCS Standard Operating Guidelines:

  • NCS is responsible for on-time net commencement and completion.
  • NSC follows the appropriate Net Open/Close Script.
  • NCS ensures fulfillment of the other net positions (ANCS, LOG, TNG) in effort to delegate important tasks associated with each role.
  • NCS acts as the “switchboard operator” and controls who talks to whom in the order in which contact is made.
  • NCS maintains a professional and calm demeanor, acting as diplomat to resolve any conflicts that may arise.
  • NCS allows for listing of record message traffic, especially traffic with Emergency and Priority precedence, then directing its expeditious prioritization and handling.
  • NCS assures smooth operation of a directed net and conducts remedial training for those who do not follow common net protocol.
  • NCS uses ANCS as needed to handle any ancillary activities either on or off the operational frequency as required to ensure the timely flow of the net.
  • NCS keeps ANCS and LOG appraised of net progress and if NCS will be off net for any resason.
  • NCS ensures the net is logged, preferably in real time in Net Control Manager. Any record message traffic handled on net must be recorded in the log.