This area is to assist ARES members take on roles as Net Control, Net Logger, and other functions that assist in net management and traffic handling. As with the rest of the site, this is a section under construction and improvement. It will grow as we our experiences grow.

Net Control Station (NCS): Responsible for the conduct of a net. A net is the radio equivalent of a meeting at which the NCS is moderator. The net has an agenda and objectives which the NCS does their best to achieve. The NCS sets priorities and performs like a traffic cop. The NCS directs which stations and what traffic moves and in what order. The NCS makes sure the net opens and closes on time and ensures the net is properly logged. A professional demeanor is a must since, depending on the environment, the net can become intense with traffic and activities. Practice is required to reduce stress and become proficient. Here are some resources to assist net control stations:

Net Logger (LOG): Responsible for recording the calls of net attendees, the amount of time each station was on net, roles they performed during the net, and any notes pertinent to be logged. The preferred method for logging our ARES nets is Net Control Manager (NCM), a database with web front end programmed by WAØTJT of Kansas City. Real-time logging also provides the NCS and ANCS with a running list of who is on the net, a very valuable tool. Finally, an accurately logged net on NCM provides the Emergency Coordinator (EC) with a list of active volunteers and a total number of volunteer hours, a monthly reporting requirement.

Alternate Net Control (ANCS): Keeps track of the net and is ready at any moment to pick up the net if the NCS becomes unavailable. Either keeps a list of check-ins or watches the net log on NCM. ANCS can also be used to be NCS on a subnet if one is established while the main net is running.

  • Operating in a Sub-Net (TBP)