Crossband Repeater Test

On Sunday, April 14, 2024, our Sunday Evening ARES Information & Training Net will meet on Golden-99 Channel 8. This channel is also labeled CBR-A-USER, meaning it is Cross-Band Repeater (CBR) user set-up Alpha.

If your Golden-99 is correctly set up, your radio will transmit on 446.425 MHz with a 151.4 Hz tone and receive on 147.54 MHz. This is an FM-only CBR.

The CBR will be located at the VA Park where we normally hold Field Day. The antenna will be a dual-band vertical at 20′ and the radio will be set at 25 watts output.

This test is to ensure KS-LV-ARES members can access and use the Cross-Band Repeater channel. This test is in preparation for the 2024 SET.

If you cannot gain access to the net on Channel 8, contact support on Channel 3, our ARES-2 repeater at Saint John Hospital on 145.33 (-) 151.4 Hz FM.

Some radios can take advantage of our programming files. This is a zipped file containing multiple versions that may be right for your radio. There is also a generic Excel tab-delimited file that you may be able to import into some radio programming software.