ARES® Winlink Challenge – April 23rd

Our 2Q ARES Test/Drill on Saturday morning, April 23, 2022, will be a Winlink Challenge designed to cover five (5) tasks in the Proficiency/Skill area of our ARES Task Books:

  • Write and send an ICS-213
  • Proficiency using ICS Forms
  • Operate a VHF digital message station
  • Operate a VHF digital messaging station in peer-to-peer mode
  • Create and send an ARL Radiogram for the National Traffic System (NTS)

If you do not yet have the ability to transmit/receive Winlink messages over-the-air, we will have opportunities for you to use another station to complete all five tasks in one exercise. Ideally, having over-the-air Winlink capability would be the goal for all ARES members.

Need help configuring your station (home or portable) for over-the-air digital operations? Contact your Emergency Coordinator or reach out during an ARES net on Thursday or Sunday evenings.