Winlink Challenge Instructions

The “Winlink Challenge” has begun. Although the exercise will officially take place on Saturday, April 23rd from 0800-1000 hours, KS-LV-ARES Members may complete the challenge any time between now and 10:00 am Saturday, April 23rd. Instructions are provided below.

KS-LV-ARES 2Q Test/Exercise “Winlink Challenge” Instructions

The challenge includes a Peer-to-Peer portion. The peer station must be operating and in range at the time of your connection. NJ0P as a peer-to-peer station is currently on-air on 145.07 MHz, 1200 baud, packet. Connect and test at your leisure.

A net on 147.000 repeater will begin Saturday, April 23 at 0730 hours and conclude at 1000 hours. Check in and coordinate your peer-to-peer connections or request help with troubleshooting then or during our Thursday evening April 21st ARES net.

Look for a Hot Wash during our Sunday Evening ARES Information & Training Net on the 145.33 repeater. We will also have an exercise review session via Zoom, if needed, at a later date, TBA.