ARES® Individual Task Books

ARES® Emergency Communicator Individual Task Books just received a major upgrade: Centralized electronic bookkeeping. Instead of members having to keep a paper record and print the book for sign-off for each task completion, only educational achievements need be presented. The Emergency Coordinator (EC) uses a database to keep track of event, net and group training or exercise rosters.

All members on the active roster should have received an electronic copy of their Individual Task Book. If you received a task book but your information is incorrect or missing, send your updates to the EC as soon as possible. He will make the changes in the electronic version of the Task Book and send you an update within 24 hours, in most cases.

If you have not receive your Task Book, the EC may have an incorrect email address for you or you are on the inactive roster. Either way, the EC would be glad to put you on the active roster and get your Task Book to you.

The Task Book will show all validated accomplishments but will color-code accomplishments only for the next Level. Once a level is reached, the color-code then tracks the next level to be achieved. A certificate page for a new level achieved is available from the EC upon request. Otherwise, your last copy of the Task Book is your record. The EC received Level 3 sign-off on December 23, 2021 from Ron Cowan, Section Manager, and is therefore authorized to sign member achievement certificates for all three levels.

Good net Logs help tremendously with ease of Task Book updates whether the EC was involved or not. All members should try their hand at net LOG on at least a semi-annual basis.

A sample Task Book is available. You’ll see that there are many overlapping requirements between the ARES® Individual Task Book and MECC Credentialing requirements. Requirements for MECC Credentialing is annotated on the Task Book. Note that While Level 3 is the top tier for ARES®, Radio Operator I is the top level for MECC Credentialing. MECC is not the credentialing authority but a requirements clearinghouse. Served agencies issue credentials based on verified levels of experience and education. ARES® Individual Task Books are an excellent way to track your progress.